Ninth International Longevity Risk
 & Capital Markets Solutions Conference


September 6-7, 2013, Beijing, China

Call for Papers (English, 中文)

The key theme of Longevity 9 is "Identifying and Addressing the Key Elements Necessary for the Development of a Large and Liquid Longevity Market".

The ageing population and increases in longevity have drawn attention to the management of longevity risk in pension funds, life insurers and health insurers. Governments face the challenge of financing an ageing population with longer life spans and providing an environment conducive to private market solutions. Reinsurers and financial market innovations such as securitisation are critical components in the management of longevity risk. Leading international industry and academic representatives, as well as policy makers, will meet and discuss not only the assessment of longevity risk, but also the market and government developments and responses needed by pension funds and insurance companies to manage this risk.

Confirmed keynote speakers

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